License Restrictions


Silexica offers 1-year subscription-based licensing (not perpetual) in two models: Node-locked licenses and Floating licenses.

Silexica Software licensing is based on Flexera’s reliable and secure technology. To use SLX, it is required to have a valid node-locked or floating license provide by Silexica through a sales representative. depending on  the SLX product, there are two different license models matching different user requirements:

Node-locked licenses entitle the customer to use SLX for a single PC and are, therefore, the ideal choice for working remotely or for single dedicated users within a corporate network. A node-locked license cannot be shared by multiple users in the same network and is usually not transferable from one PC to another (“Rehosting”).

Floating licenses can be shared across multiple client workstations within the same local network. floating licenses are the ideal choice if the software shall be “floated” over a local network, transferring from one client workstation to the next one depending on usage requirements.