Case Studies & Solution Briefs

Case Study - Huawei
Using Silexica's tools to accurately estimate power efficiency gains of new technologies
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Case Study - Denso
Migrating existing automotive control software to multicore ECUs
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Whitepapers, Technical Articles & Others

Cover page of Silexica's LTE Base Station Whitepaper
Article – Kahn Process Network
Front page of the HEVC whitepaper
Cover for SLX Whitepaper on Linux
Whitepaper – LTE Base Station

Using the SLX Tool Suite for Multicore Software Design of an LTE Base Station

Article – Kahn Process Network

Parallel Programming Without Races and Non-Determinism

Whitepaper – HEVC codec analysis

Improving video codec efficiency through identification of parallelization opportunities

Whitepaper – Improving Execution Predictability on Linux with SLX

Assessing the impact of deterministic programming models on predictability of test results


Screenshot of Silexica's multicore optimization tool Video Play Button 1
Screenshot of Silexica's product demo video Video Play Button 2
Video describing Silexica's SLX Tool Suite and main use cases Video Play Button 3
Product Demo - SLX Optimize
SLX - analyze and implement AUTOMOTIVE multicore projects

Silexica presents the analysis and implementation capabilities of it’s SLX tools for Automotive applications using AUTOSAR Classic.

Introduction to Silexica's Tool Suite


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