Case Studies

Case Study - Denso
Migrating existing automotive control software to multicore ECUs
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Case Study - Huawei
Using Silexica's tools to accurately estimate power efficiency gains of new technologies
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Case Study - Ricoh
Using SLX to discover and exploit hidden parallelism in the OpenCV computer vision library
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Product Briefs

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SLX Analytics

Release Autonomous Systems with Confidence


Optimized Execution on FPGAS: Accelerating the journey from C/C++ to Hardware

SLX C/ C++

Execution Behavior Analytics: Deep Mastery of Concurrent Software 

Whitepapers, Technical Articles & Others

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Cover for SLX Whitepaper on Linux
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Article – Kahn Process Network
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White paper - High-Level Synthesis: Can it outperform hand-coded HDL?

This paper highlights how SLX FPGA, on an industrial image processing application, can both automatically insert pragmas for optimized performance and also provide deep code insights to guide code refactoring. The final HLS implementation optimized with SLX FPGA is 64% faster compared to the handwritten HDL implementation in a fraction of the time to complete the design.

White paper - Adaptive Beamformer: An HLS Optimization Case Study with SLX FPGA

In this paper, the latency and utilization metrics of an adaptive beamforming algorithm optimized by SLX FPGA are compared to the metrics of the same algorithm hand-optimized by an HLS expert. SLX FPGA achieves a lower latency and cuts development time from weeks down to minutes, using an automated flow that eliminates the need for knowledge of the algorithm and target architecture.

White paper - Accelerating Financial Applications With SLX FPGA

In this paper, two implementations of computation intensive models for pricing options are discussed, namely the Black-Scholes and Heston pricing models. This white paper demonstrates how engineers creating FPGA-based hardware accelerators for financial market models can take advantage of SLX FPGA.

White paper - Using SLX FPGA for performance optimization of SHA-3 for HLS

Can an HLS optimization tool outperform expert-level hand-optimizations? This white paper examines how SLX FPGA is used to optimize a secure hash algorithm.

White paper - Facilitating High Level Synthesis from MATLAB generated C/C++

A use case for HLS is taking 3rd party generated or legacy C/C++ algorithms and converting the algorithm to a hardware implementation using an HLS compiler.


The Linley Group’s Microprocessor Report takes an in-depth look into the features of SLX

White paper - Optimizing Deep-Learning Inference for Embedded Devices

This white paper highlights how different challenges related to the deployment (inference) of artificial neural networks (ANNs) on embedded devices can be addressed.

White paper - SLX Multi-Objective Optimization (MOPT)

Simultaneous optimization to improve power and performance with SLX

White paper – Pushing Performance: Analysis and Optimization of Multicore Communication with SLX

How SLX can predict performances, manage communication contention and automatically map tasks to get the best out of your multicore platform.

White paper – Improving Execution Predictability on Linux with SLX

Assessing the impact of deterministic programming models on predictability of test results

White paper – Multicore Software Design for an LTE Base Station

Using SLX for Multicore Software Design of an LTE Base Station

Article – Kahn Process Network

Parallel Programming Without Races and Non-Determinism


Paul McLellan meets our US team and takes an in-depth look at SLX where he compares manual with automated code analysis


ROS Industrial: Using SLX Analytics in industrial-grade Autonomous Systems
ROSCon: Debugging Real-Time Systems
SLX FPGA Demo at XDF Europe 2019 - Optimization of Aerospace/Defense Algorithm for HLS with SLX FPGA
SLX FPGA Demo at XDF 2019 - Optimizing Financial Algorithms for HLS with SLX FPGA
Mastering Automotive Software Development
EQT Ventures' investment in Silexica
Silexica at Embedded World 2018 - the challenges faced programming the next generation of supercomputers

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