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Computing with SLX C/C++

Product Brief

Optimizing C/C++ applications on complex multicore SoCs requires a complete understanding of the software architecture and its behavior on the hardware. Developers are challenged with the task of optimizing sequential and parallel code for multicore SoCs that comprise a variety of compute engines. For the most efficient utilization of CPUs, DSPs and FPGAs, a full understanding of the code structure and interdependencies between applications, threads and variables is required for streamlined software development, guided refactoring and software design optimization.

  • Static, Dynamic and Semantic Code Analysis
  • Actionable Insights for Improved Software Performance
  • Eclipse GUI or CI Workflow Integration
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data access analysis-slx-c
Data Access Analysis

Features and Capabilities

SLX application Analysis-slx-c

Provide deep application insights to multi-binary and multi-threaded applications. Through the combination of static, dynamic, and semantic analysis, SLX visualizes thread genealogy, communication, synchronization and data dependencies, providing a live architectural overview from the source code which can be checked for consistency with the envisioned architecture.

variable anaylsis-slx-c

SLX shared memory (POSIX shared memory variables) analysis makes you aware of how the application communicates among threads and with other applications. SLX shows all accesses to variables including sub-objects of arrays and structs even when accessed through pointers.

protection analysis-slx-c

SLX understands protection mechanisms and can point directly to the problematic source lines so the code can be fixed. This enables not only the detection of data races in between threads, but also in between separate processes and applications.

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