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SLX Analytics

Release Autonomous Systems with Confidence

Product Brief

SLX Analytics increases the stability of your software stack and prevents performance degradation of your autonomous systems caused by non-functional defects. By monitoring your software stack at runtime on the target hardware, SLX Analytics can uncover intermittent system-level defects such as missed latency constraints, memory overloads, and integration conflicts. Once defects are uncovered, the tool can accelerate root cause analysis by traversing all levels of the software stack (from application through middleware down to OS) and zooming in on the defects.

By implementing SLX Analytics into your CI flow, monitoring of your system constraints during nightly and weekly builds will save time and effort and increase your confidence in your releases. In addition, SLX Analytics’ minimally invasive monitoring is perfect for autonomous and other real-time systems. SLX Analytics is the first integrated tool that monitors all non-functional metrics of your system and enables you to detect defects in your system that might lead to failures in the future.

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SLX Analytics - Webinar at Scale Up 360° Automotive AI Live

Features and Capabilities

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Uncover System-Level Defects

Hidden system-level defects in autonomous systems that reach customers lead to expensive recalls, dangerous behaviour, and loss of customer confidence. As the complexity of autonomous systems is growing, it becomes more and more difficult to detect such defects in the system, and developers often have no way of knowing if the system is still running normally or if there’s an undetected anomaly. SLX Analytics uncovers (intermittent) system-level defects before they become system failures by monitoring your target system at runtime. It observes the target system at runtime with minimal overhead and without the need for recompilation of your application.

Accelerate Root Cause Analysis

SLX Analytics minimizes the time spent on root cause analysis of intermittent system-level defects by enabling developers to traverse all software layers (application, middleware, and OS) in a single tool. It changes the way you debug by pointing you to the exact point in time when the failure occurred and allows you to drill-down into the system stack to figure out what went wrong. With this tool, it eliminates the need for tedious error recreation, as all analyses are done in post-processing. Typical examples for system-level defects include missed latency constraints in your SW pipeline, CPU/memory overloads, integration conflicts, and many more.

Monitor System Metric Trends

Extending your CI (Continuous Integration) pipeline for non-functional system testing with SLX Analytics prevents software performance degradation over time. SLX Analytics incorporates database-driven analytics to provide a complete history of your non-functional system performance, minimizing the risk of field recalls. It allows you to set defined constraints on all metrics and continuously tests your system against these. By storing all analysis information centrally in one database, you have all data of past releases at your fingertips – with full drill-down capabilities even for past releases.

Open API Enables Custom Visualizations and Reporting

We don’t tie you to generic visualizations. By using state-of-the-art visualization frameworks and a completely scriptable architecture, SLX Analytics provides efficient visualization that is completely configurable by the end user. You decide which metrics you want to see and which elements you need to see next to each other to make the best sense of it. Due to the scriptable architecture, SLX Analytics integrates seamlessly in your existing workflows and toolchains.


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SLX Analytics - Webinar at Scale Up 360° Automotive AI Live
Mar 2020, 27min
Silexica at Roscon 2019: Debugging real-Time Systems
Oct 2019 30min
Silexica at ROS-Industrial Conference 2019 - Using SLX Analytics in industrial-grade Autonomous Systems
Dec 2019 20min


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