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Silexica Expands Into FinTech Industry Bringing Next-Generation Compute Acceleration

Silexica (SLX) has announced its entry into the FinTech industry to help financial service companies and exchanges leverage next-generation compute acceleration for improved latency/throughput, determinism, risk management, security, performance per watt, and total cost of ownership (TCO).

San Jose, USA | Jun 1, 2020
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Silexica Partners with Mentor for a High-Level Synthesis Seminar Series

Silexica (SLX) has announced that they will be presenting in a Virtual HLS Seminar Series in May 2020 organized by Mentor, a Siemens business. Silexica’s SLX Tool Suite empowers software and hardware engineers to deeply analyze C/C++ algorithms for high-level synthesis (HLS) implementation in ASIC and FPGA designs to make better decisions and further accelerate performance. Silexica joined Mentor’s OpenDoor™ partner program in 2019 to advance HLS adoption in FPGAs and ASICs.

San Jose, USA | May 4, 2020
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Recent Events

STAC Global Summit - Webinar
Jun 2, 2020 - Jun 5, 2020
STAC Global Summit - Webinar

Silexica will participate to Global Live STAC from June 2-4  from 08:30 am to 12:30 pm (NY Times – CET 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm). We will demonstrate how SLX FPGA accelerates optimization efforts for financial market models targeting option pricing on June 3rd from 11  am to 11.:15 am.

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FPGA-Conference Europe
Sep 29, 2020 - Oct 1, 2020
FPGA-Conference Europe - Munich, Germany

Join us at the FPGA-Conference Europe, where Silexica is presenting the Keynote on October 1st. Silexica’s CEO, Maximilian Odendahl will present “Mastering Software/Hardware Complexity in a Heterogeneous World”. Come and hear about the latest in FPGA design technology!

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