Silexica GmbH

Standard Maintenance & Support Terms


Commercial term licenses of Silexica Software include support in accordance with the following maintenance and support terms. Silexica is not obligated to provide any maintenance and support services beyond those set forth in these terms, and any such additional maintenance and support services may be subject to the payment of separate fees (at Silexica’s discretion).

1. Maintenance. Silexica will provide updates for the Silexica Software to Customer as generally made available by Silexica to its other customers, at no additional cost.  The foregoing does not include new major releases for the Silexica Software that Silexica may separately price.

2. Support. Silexica will provide helpdesk support to Customer to answer questions regarding the use of Silexica Software.  Silexica will use commercially reasonable efforts to diagnose problems and to create error corrections, fixes or workarounds with respect to errors in the Silexica Software reported by Customer to Silexica; provided that (i) Customer must provide all information reasonably requested by Silexica, and (ii) Silexica is able to reproduce the reported error based on the information that Customer provides to Silexica.  Silexica may provide support services via remote communication, including remote access.

3. Designated Support Contacts.  Customer must designate one primary and one backup individual per license/installation purchased by the Customer as its support contacts, and provide current phone and email contact information.  All support requests must be initiated through one of Customer’s designated support contacts.

4. How to Contact the Silexica Helpdesk. You can contact the Silexica Helpdesk via our online helpdesk at

5. Responding to Support Requests. All support requests create a case ticket in the Silexica support system. The Silexica support team will assign a priority to the request depending on the nature of the request.  The Silexica support team will contact Customer by the next Silexica business day to acknowledge support requests received.  Customers will be notified about any ongoing delays resulting from high volume of support requests.

6. Limitations.  Silexica will have no obligation to provide support of any kind for problems in the operation or performance of the Silexica Software to the extent caused by any of the following (each, a “Customer-Generated Error”): (a) any data, files, database, hardware or non-Silexica software used in conjunction with the Silexica Software; or (b) use of the Silexica Software other than as authorized in the applicable Silexica license agreement or documentation; or (c) modifications to, or maintenance or support of, the Silexica Software, made or performed without Silexica’s express written authorization; (d) Customer’s failure to implement or incorporate error corrections, fixes or workarounds made available by Silexica or Customer’s use of a release of the Silexica Software other than the most current release or the immediately preceding release; or (e) any other problem or error not solely attributable to the Silexica Software. If the problem is caused by a Customer-Generated Error, then Silexica will notify Customer as soon as Silexica is aware of such Customer-Generated Error. If Silexica agrees to provide any additional support services requested by you, including with respect to a Customer-Generated Error, such services be subject to a mutually agreed upon statement of work between you and Silexica describing the services, and the fees and expenses payable therefor.