Paula's Online Marketing Internship

Paula has been completing an internship in the Online Marketing Team at Silexica and will tell us more about her experiences as part of our new blog post series.


I come from Madrid, Spain, and I recently graduated with a Business Management and Administration Bachelor’s degree. I went to university in Madrid, and in my third year, I got the opportunity to come to Cologne as an Erasmus student. As soon as I moved to Cologne, I immediately fell in love with the city and that completely changed all my plans. I was only looking forward to finishing my degree and moving to Cologne! I had applied for the Online Marketing Internship at Silexica the year before but got rejected, so I did another internship. Then I decided to apply again since the offer was really appealing for many reasons: it involved a lot of interesting marketing tasks that I wanted to dive deep into, and the fact that it’s a fast-paced tech start-up with an international atmosphere really drew my attention. I got invited to the first interview. A couple of days after talking to Teresa, HR Manager, and to Jess, Head of Corporate Marketing, I got accepted, which also allowed me to come back to Cologne, where Silexica’s HQ are. I started working for Silexica in February 2020 and what was initially planned to be a 6-month internship turned out to be a year-long internship. And what a year it has been!

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It has been a crazy ride since day 1. I can only be thankful for everything that I learned during this past year and for the amazing people I have met at Silexica. Being surrounded by such talented people, coming from such different backgrounds makes every moment at the office enriching. I had really high expectations of my internship and they were completely exceeded. I was surprised from the moment I stepped into the office by how other interns on the team worked – with huge independence and knowledge. You could tell how we were treated as any other full-time employee and how every opinion is heard and taken into consideration, which is something you can’t take for granted being an intern.

I knew I had to make the most out of my time working here, since for me this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and unfortunately, time flies!


Since the beginning, I was involved in all the projects with everything explained, giving me the big picture, which I highly appreciated. During my internship with Silexica, I performed many different tasks within the Corporate Marketing Team, such as the implementation of marketing strategies in diverse fields like Social Media, SEA, SEO, and email marketing. I was also responsible for tracking and reporting the Marketing KPIs using a wide variety of tools I had never worked with before. Additionally, I supported the sales team and worked on the lead generation and lead management process. We also had a Project Management workshop in the summer which was really interesting since we all dove deeper into that area, and it really helped us organize and manage our projects in a more efficient way.

Something that I highly appreciated was that I was given the opportunity to take on my own projects and develop my initiatives, as it was something that allowed me to grow both professionally and personally.  What I also loved was that whenever a new project or task came up in the team, we all worked together on it.

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I would consider the Corp Marketing team a family. Everyone is always willing to help one another, and we always try to make the office a fun place. We all get along really well and that makes everything easier since we are all willing to work together and go the extra mile to reach our goals. Every team meeting is a learning experience, and we had so many successful projects come out of random brainstorming sessions since we really enjoyed sharing our ideas with each other.

I have only mentioned the good times, but what I am most proud of is how much we’ve stuck together during the hard times and challenges that 2020 has thrown our way and how we have managed to overcome them as a team and as a company. Communication and collaboration were key these past months since there were many changes every day, and we also had to work from home for some time but in the end, everything worked out.

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I can’t think of any better company to be an intern, so apply for your internship at Silexica, and it will pay off! Always be open-minded and ready for changes and challenges to come up every day. Also, don’t forget to always share your ideas or say how you’re feeling about something whether it’s good or bad, it will only make things better for everyone. Make the most out of your timewith Silexica and learn as much as possible from everyone in the company; it’s what you’re here for. And last but not least, enjoy the ride!

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