Nadine's HR Internship


Nadine has been completing an internship in the HR Team at Silexica and will tell us more about her experiences as part of our new blog post series.


I am from the Cologne area and graduated from a psychology master’s program. I have always enjoyed working with people and wanted to see something different than hospitals, which is why I decided to work as the International Human Resources Intern. My start at Silexica in March 2020 was pretty tumultuous – only 2.5 weeks after my first day, the corona cases in Cologne rose steeply and everybody suddenly worked from home, including me. I was expecting to be lost because I was in the middle of the onboarding process, still having so many questions and topics open to get familiar with, but my mentor Teresa did a great job acquainting me with my job duties remotely. She also checked in with me on a regular basis to see how I felt both professionally and personally. That is also the best thing about working here – Silexicans are able to adapt to changes extremely quickly and really care about each other on a personal level. Even our four coffee machines have names (shoutout to Gian-Carlo).

Since the company was founded six years ago, it combines the start-up spirit that involves learning new things along the way with the highly experienced people in all departments of the company who are always willing to share their knowledge. Everybody is hungry for growth and innovation and passionate about their daily work. Your help requests will never be turned down, everyone is very helpful, and every opinion is heard. If you want to bring something up, go for it! Every intern is treated like a full team member from day one and you are given the responsibility of your own projects, being encouraged to implement new ideas and concepts.


My weeks are always rich in variety –  from Remote Recruiting to HR Metrics Reportings to leadership development topics, I gained a lot of insights in various areas. I also had a cross-departmental project with the Corporate Marketing team, which includes people from five different countries. Having so many different and international points of view lead the brainstorming sessions to a whole new level. It is a benefit not only when it comes to working, but also personally since there is not a single day where you don’t learn something new about other countries and cultures at Silexica, especially during lunch break.

I definitely got more insights about the strategic components of HR and learned to focus more on having an analytical approach when it comes to (new) projects. Furthermore, especially working with Teresa, the HR Manager and my boss, has improved my self-organization. She is incredibly good at balancing multiple responsibilities with different topics all at once, which helped me get better at managing my work time and daily tasks in a really efficient way. This skill was especially helpful when she enabled me to work remotely.


The HR Weekly when it’s over 30 degrees

What is a thing you wish you’d known from day one? 

Over time, I also got more familiar with technical topics. With Silexica having an innovative but very complex software product, I chose to take the challenge to work in an area that was not too familiar to me in the beginning but really broadened my knowledge. Don’t be intimidated by all the tech terms if you’re a non-techie and don’t bring knowledge or experience in that field – no one will expect you to develop a deep technological understanding overnight. Rather see it as a challenge to find out more about an area that will shape our future in a significant way.

Any tips for potential future interns?

Have a flexible mindset – besides your recurring tasks, some ad-hoc topics will often come up. Also, things can change pretty quickly, and if you embrace that, the mental flexibility that you (further) develop will be an asset both for your professional and personal life. If you are looking forward to growth and responsibility, this is the place for you. Last, if you think about applying, forget about that interns-make-coffee-cliché – we have Gian-Carlo to do that for you.

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