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Tatsuya Ohigashi joined Silexica as our new Field Application Engineer for Japan. He brings over 30 years of technical experience to support customers in Japan. Our Japanese marketing intern Wataru Ishigure recently spoke to Tatsuya to find out more about him and his career experiences.

Tatsuya, or Ohigashi-san to colleagues, comes from Hyogo prefecture known for the famous Himeji Castle and the largest city in the region Kobe. He recently spent time at Silexica’s headquarters in Cologne for training.

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Let’s start and look back on your career… You moved to Tokyo some 30 years ago and took on international role with an American companyThis was at the time when Japanese tech companies were booming. What made you make that decision? 

When I was a student, I was doing research on image processing and I wanted to work in the exciting computer world. A person from Unisys came to our laboratory and my professor told me to talk to them and the rest is history. I ended up spending over 13 years as a senior engineer with them. It was one of the largest IT companies in the world following the merger of Sperry and Burroughs and I really learned so much there.

How did you cope with the language challenges of an English-speaking company? 

As a student I went to English classes and was confident with the language however my first time in America was difficult for me. However gradually communication became easier. It was fun to have a different working culture from Japan and Americans are great to work with.

And after roles ranging from Field Application Engineer at Wind River to Solutions Architect at Mentor Graphics, what made you decide to join Silexica 

I knew my current manager (Joe Hamman) and he asked if I want to join his team at Silexica. It was a big decision as it would be my first time working in a company dealing with tools that analyze source code, where my previous experience was focused around operating systems. However I have been learning everyday and I am really enjoying it.

What is the difference between European companies and US companies? 

It is too hot in Germany! (Tatsuya was in Cologne during one of the hottest summers in history). It is my first time to work at a company of this size – around 60 people, and it is a stimulating environment as it is still growing very quickly with lots of intelligent people. Honestly, I do not feel so much difference between America and Europe, I have found everyone is an open and honest and that makes it easy.

How do you work in the Japanese office? Is the language English?

I am a field application engineer doing technical support for Japanese customers so naturally I speak Japanese. But when in the office it is more English with Chinese, German and American colleagues.

And what do you bring to Silexica and hope for the future? 

I have worked in the Operating Systems field for so long and believe this knowledge can support the programming tools handled by Silexica. I like the ambition of solving a problem and want to work hard with the other Silexicans in delivering the solution to programming heterogeneous computers.

*Interview originally appeared on our Japanese website. 

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