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To enable advanced driver-assistance systems and autonomous driving, today's cars are becoming supercomputers on wheels. Based on high-resolution sensor data, intelligent decisions can be made in real-time. But car makers are facing the problem to implement this demanding software on low-power on-board computers. This is where SLX comes into play.
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Aerospace & Defense

To increase safety and efficiency, today’s aircrafts are becoming increasingly intelligent - whether manned or unmanned. Several data inputs from communication systems and on-board sensors are being processed in real-time. But the implementation of these navigation algorithms in a safety critical environment is still a challenge. SLX helps to meet these challenges.
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Wireless Communication

Next generation mobile networks like 5G offer radically faster connections and significantly more simultaneous users. This is enabled by mobile base stations that use hundreds of processor cores. But base station makers are facing the problem of programming these complex multicore platforms while fulfilling all timing and power requirements. This is where SLX helps.
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Embedded Vision

Self-flying drones or autonomous robots need to understand the world around them and safely navigate in critical situations. This requires a high level of visual intelligence that is enabled by super fast image processing. But the implementation of these algorithms on a device, where every last drop of battery counts, is still a challenge. But a manageable one with SLX.
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Silexica raises $18m in Series B funding

The EQT Ventures Fund led the round, joining all existing investors Merus Capital, Paua Ventures, Seed Fonds Aachen and DSA Invest.

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Partnership with Fujitsu

Fujitsu will incoporate SLX results into its software code for forthcoming next-generation base station projects.

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FPGA programming solution goes live at AEE 2018 in latest version of SLX

Industry-first solution fully explores the design space to optimize hardware/software partitioning.

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“In the near future deep challenges lie in optimizing communication and automotive applications onto multicores. We have successfully integrated the SLX Tool Suite into our multicore software development flow to address these challenges”

Noriyasu Nakayama, Fujitsu

Upcoming Events

MPSoC 2018
Jul 29, 2018 - Aug 3, 2018
MPSoC 2018 - Utah, US

Silexica co-founder Weihua Sheng will give a talk at the 18th International Forum on MPSoC. The MPSoC Forum looks at adapting HW and SW for better cost, performances and energy efficiency of next generation computing systems. Weihua will talk about future computers for autonomous vehicles. Arrange a meeting here.

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Design Solution Forum
Sep 12, 2018
Design Solution Forum - Yokohama, Japan

Silexica will once again be back at The Design Solution Forum in 2018. The event is a platform for engineers to discuss approaches and methods to design embedded system hardware and software. Meet us to find out our latest product offerings.

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