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The SLX Tool Suite

SLX Parallelizer

The SLX Parallelizer helps to understand existing C/C++ code and automatically uncovers additional parallelism. It relies on sophisticated compiler technology using both static as well as dynamic analysis. Features include dependency-, execution profile- and timing analysis as well as the extraction of thread-, pipeline- and data-level parallelism.

SLX Mapper

The SLX Mapper distributes a parallel specification to a given heterogeneous multicore system. Different optimization criteria can be chosen while various design constraints are taking into account. It includes a sophisticated framework for finding an optimized solution and a powerful simulation technology to simulate the execution on the target architecture.

SLX Generator

The SLX Generator generates optimized code for a give multicore system based on a chosen software distribution scheme. Our source-to-source approach, translating from a functional specification to a target optimized version, is aware of the used operating system and available application programming interfaces for task- and communication management.

Embedded Vision


Wireless Communication

The Founders

Maximilian Odendahl

Co-Founder and CEO

Weihua Sheng

Co-Founder, VP and GM, APAC

Johannes Emigholz

Co-Founder and COO