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To enable advanced driver-assistance systems and autonomous driving, today's cars are becoming supercomputers on wheels. Based on high-resolution sensor data, intelligent decisions can be made in real-time. But car makers are facing the problem to implement this demanding software on low-power on-board computers. This is where SLX comes into play.
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Aerospace & Defense

To increase safety and efficiency, today’s aircrafts are becoming increasingly intelligent - whether manned or unmanned. Several data inputs from communication systems and on-board sensors are being processed in real-time. But the implementation of these navigation algorithms in a safety critical environment is still a challenge. SLX helps to meet these challenges.
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Wireless Communication

Next generation mobile networks like 5G offer radically faster connections and significantly more simultaneous users. This is enabled by mobile base stations that use hundreds of processor cores. But base station makers are facing the problem of programming these complex multicore platforms while fulfilling all timing and power requirements. This is where SLX helps.
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Self-flying drones or autonomous robots need to understand the world around them and safely navigate in critical situations. This requires a high level of visual intelligence that is enabled by super fast image processing. But the implementation of these algorithms on a device, where every last drop of battery counts, is still a challenge. But a manageable one with SLX.
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In an ever-connected world, the speed and security of financial markets drive the global economy. In financial technology, next-generation compute acceleration is critical for improved latency, determinism, risk management, security, performance per watt, and total cost of ownership (TCO). To enable these compute requirements, financial institutions are beginning to leverage programmable hardware (FPGAs) and high-level synthesis (HLS) design methodology. With SLX, software professionals can meet these challenging system requirements with automated software optimization based on disruptive compiler technology.
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Silexica to Co-present with Xilinx at the ISFPGA Conference 2021

Enhancing HLS with Xilinx Vitis Open Source Strategy and Silexica Tools

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Silexica Extends Collaboration with Mentor for High-Level Synthesis

Silexica has announced that they will be presenting in a Virtual HLS Seminar Series organized by Mentor to show how SLX works with the Catapult™ HLS Platform.

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“SLX FPGA takes the guesswork out of high-level synthesis design. […] We were able to achieve better performance with SLX in one week compared to hand-coded RTL, which took two months.”

Philippe Manet, CEO of ECSPEC
Silexica’s New SLX FPGA 2020.4 - Now Available

Silexica announces the release of SLX FPGA 2020.4 to expand the adoption of high-level synthesis (HLS) for FPGA designs. This release includes a new interactive, task-based flow that walks HLS users through the design flow from start to finish.

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The Power and Complexities of High-Level Synthesis Pragmas and Directives

Our latest blog article addresses the challenges and shows how SLX FPGA quickly guides you to the best implementation for your application!

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Recent Events

Feb 28, 2021 - Mar 2, 2021
International Symposium for Field Programmable Gate Arrays (ISFPGA) - virtual

Silexica will be co-presenting with Xilinx at the 29th International Symposium on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (ISFPGA) 2021, the premier conference for presentation of advances in FPGA technology. In close collaboration with Xilinx, Silexica designed the new SLX Plugin to extend the capabilities of Vitis HLS as part of Xilinx’s Open Source initiative. Connect with us during our tutorial co-presented with Xilinx : “Enhancing and Simplifying HLS with Xilinx Vitis Open Source and Silexica Tools” on February, Sunday 28th 2021 from 08:00 AM to 10 AM PST (UTC -8).

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Xilinx Adapt: Data Center, Virtual
Mar 24, 2021 - Mar 25, 2021

Connect with us at the Xilinx Adapt: Data Center on March 17-18 2021 and discover how SLX FPGA accelerates your ALVEO C/C++ kernel optimization. More information will follow soon.

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