“We have been working with Silexica on power modeling analysis for some time now and are consistently happy with both the quality of the estimates produced by their tool and the professionalism of the team that is working with us. We hope to continue this partnership and make a significant impact on our SoC architecture exploration phase with this tool” Alan Gatherer, CTO Baseband SoC, Huawei USA
“In the near future deep challenges lie in optimizing communication and automotive applications onto multicores. We have successfully integrated the SLX Tool Suite into our multicore software development flow to address these challenges" Noriyasu Nakayama, Manager Fujitsu Advanced Technologies Ltd
“The level of complexity in modern SOCs is exploding with 1,000 core processors now on the horizon. Based on our experience with customers using 16-core and 64-core Epiphany devices, most developers are not equipped to handle the complexity of designing complex algorithms to run on massively parallel processors... With the latest software, Silexica provides the best answer so far!” Andreas Olofsson, CEO, Adapteva
“We have been doing research based on the SLX Tool Suite for the last four years, first via collaborations with Professor Leupers and his students at RWTH Aachen University, then with the same elite group of experts at Silexica." Dr. Xiaotao Chen, Director, Huawei Wireless R&D USA
“eSOL believes the upgraded SLX Tools will be a significant addition to the multicore software developer toolbox.” Masaki Gondo, CTO, eSOL
“Samsung have been successfully collaborating with the Silexica team on performance optimisations analysis as well as developing solutions tailored to our SoC architecture that has brought great value to our products. We believe Silexica is extremely capable and professional and it is a great pleasure working with them.” Marco Starace, Senior Technology Manager, Samsung Electronics